Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Invest in America sales ends

The Beneteau Invest in America sale ends today.... bummer....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Island Packet Love....

Googling around the web today I have been finding some fun stuff for the blog....
Here is an excerpt from a great article that really captures the love that Island Packet owners have for their boats:

....More than the boat itself, Island Packet as a company has redefined excellence in customer relationships. They start with a strong dealer network comprised of highly qualified sales and commissioning staffs. But what sets them apart, in my opinion, is their staff at the factory. I’ll start with an example from the top – Bob Johnson. We were talking with Bob at the 2001 Annapolis Boat Show when another Island Packet owner asked Bob if he’d seen the email regarding his question of sailing the cutter rig. The owner was interested in some of the finer details of the cutter rig (when to fly the staysail, etc.). Bob’s answer reconfirmed my faith in the company. He said he received the email just before the show and it was on his desk. He promised a full response and explanation as soon as he returned to the office. No shuffling to other members of the staff. Bob Johnson, the top man, was taking the time to answer sailing questions from the owners – and in detail.... The full article can be found at sailcharbonneau.com.

Adventure With A Cruising Spinnaker on an Island Packet

A good advice article.....

In the late 1980's, a friend bought a new Island Packet 31. He was not an experienced sailor, but had the sense to get some training and keep experienced hands aboard while he was learning about cruising on a sailboat. The boat was in Miami, and he decided he wanted to take a cruise to the Bahamas. My brother, another friend, and I bravely volunteered to go along.... full article at TropicalBoating.com

Island Packet Owner's web site

Did you know that Island Packet Yachts has its own yacht owner's web site? This community site is for all owners of Island Packets from the 26 to the 485... go check it out if you are an owner too - click here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

San Francisco Beneteau 36.7 Fleet get together

Fleet Cruise-in to RYC on July 18th. Skippers/Crew/Family and anyone interested in the fleet are invited.

For more info you're welcome to call fleet captain, Aaron Kennedy at 510.882.1296 click here for schedule and details.

Our own Jim Tull mentioned in Doo Dah article....

We will miss you Jim.... but have fun anyway!!! And... don't end up like this guy....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Australian buys small brokerage Beneteau to sail home in....

From Klaus Kutz - Passage Yachts, Alameda

I sold a 1985 Beneteau Idylle 11.5 to an Australian gentleman "Hedley Thomas" late in March, 2009. Hedley was looking for an affordable, but stoud and well maintained boat in the mid thirty foot size range, that could be sailed by him singlehanded across the Pacific home to his native Brisbane in Australia.
After scouring the local brokerage market, he decided that our 1985 37' Beneteau Idylle 11.5 offered the best his money could buy. The deal was consummated after a test sail and a thorough engine and hull survey. Hedley, then proceeded to replace the old batteries with a new upgraded battery system and a thorough upgrade of some of the wiring. Installation of a new refrigeration system, linear auto pilot, knot meter, wind point and wind speed instrumentation followed. He also thoroughly surveyed and upgraded his running and standing rigging. All of this took time and cut into his expectation to leave by the end of May. The day of his departure finally came early on June 9, 2009. Hedley received a send off in Alameda at the Encinal Yacht Club at 7:30 am Tuesday, June 9. Klaus Kutz his broker from Passage Yachts in Alameda and Klaus' wife Jennifer followed Hedley out to the Golden Gate Bridge on their boat "Pacific Flyer" and waved Hedley and his proud Mirage III fair well as he passed under the Gate at exactly 9:15 am in a light breeze, starting ebb and grey skies.
Klaus received a text message from Hedley after he had completed his first seven day's at sea, which reported slow progress because of light and contrary winds. A most recent message marked Hedley's second full week at sea with encouraging news of strong and steady winds from the right direction and the skipper reporting great progress with only 800 NM more to go to reach his interim destination of Ala Wai Harbor on Ohuau, Hawaii.
We will keep you posted about Mirage III's progress as we get reports from its intrepid skipper, Hedley Thomas.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Sailstice at Treasure Island today!!

Drop by to have a beer, see friends, view boats, go for a sailboat ride, and listen to great music! It's a sunny day and should be a lot of fun!


Passage will be there with the new Island Packet Estero and the Beneteau 34....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beneteau 57 delivery

Do you have some offshore experience? This would be fun....

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  • Group: Yachting Industry Networking Group
  • Subject: Delivery Crew Panama to Valparaiso Chile via Galapagos, Beneteau 57. About 3000 miles sail into the winter of the Southern Hemishere!!!

Delivery Crew Panama to Valparaiso Chile via Galapagos, Beneteau 57.
About 3000 miles sail into the winter of the Southern Hemishere!!!

Beneteau 57
Experiance required: Yachtmaster offshore and experiance at sea.

Flights and onboard costs covered.
Please send CV for further information.

Colin A.Metcalfe


NonStopYacht S.L.
Super and Megayacht suppliers

Almirall Churruca 9
08003 Barcelona
T +34 932 240 490
M +34 637 755 133
F +34 932 240 493

Posted By Colin A. Metcalfe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Beneteau 58???


This summer, BENETEAU will be launching a truly exceptional new yacht: the Oceanis 58 will be the largest ever offered in this range.

BENETEAU is adding this fabulous new model to its range in response to increasing worldwide demand for larger yachts.

A large yacht that will be the flagship of the Oceanis range
Bruno Belmont, Sailing Development Manager at Beneteau, tells us about his vision for this new addition to the range:
“The Oceanis 58 will combine everything that is best about BENETEAU to create a boat that is safe, powerful, comfortable and easy to handle… all in a design with real personality. It will be the perfect complement to the Oceanis range of ultra-contemporary yachts from 31 to 54 feet, and will set the pattern for the future of Beneteau cruising! It will deliver a new interpretation of comfort and luxury under sail!”.

While waiting to show you our infinitely beautiful Océanis 58 at this year's autumn boat show, we will be delighted to share a preview of our special marketing for this magnificent yacht with you, as soon as the information becomes available.

We would therefore be obliged if you would take a few minutes of your time to fill in this contact form.

Beneteau Yachts... in business since 1884

1 /1884: Benjamin Bénéteau, founder of the company, launched his first sailing trawler.

2/ 1964: Bénéteau looked towards yachting and introduced polyester into boat building.

3/ 1965: A new boat design, the 'fishing/excursion motorboat', with the Galions, Piranha, Forban, and Baroudeurs.

4/ 1973: Creation of the Evasion 32, designed by André Bénéteau.

5/ 1977: Creation of one of the most famous Bénéteau yachts, the First 30, designed by André Mauric. The First 30 was voted boat of the year at the Paris Boat Show in 1978. This yacht marked the entry of Bénéteau in the world of yacht racing. Skippered by Michel Malinovski, she finished third in the overall ranking in the Course de l'Aurore (later to become the Figaro). This racing success was accompanied by a large commercial success; more than a thousand boats sold.

7/ 1981: The First Evolution landed the title of world half-ton champion at the 'Half Ton Cup'

8/ 1982: BENETEAU launched the Idylle range; cruising yachts that were both fast and comfortable.

9/ 1984: Centenary year and introduction of BENETEAU securities on the unlisted securities market of the Paris Bourse.

10/ 1985: The BENETEAU yacht “Phoenix” won the Admiral's Cup, World Championship of Offshore Racing.

11/ 1986: 10 years after the First 30, BENETEAU launched a new generation of yachts, at the Paris Boat Show. These were the OCEANIS cruising yachts, based on the concept of “the pleasure of better living conditions at sea”.

12/ 1986: BENETEAU inaugurated the Marion factory in South Carolina.

13/ 1987: BENETEAU combined audacity and experience by launching the FIRST 35 S 5: the project was entrusted to Jean Berret, the French designer and to the interior designer Philippe Starck. From the moment it was launched, it was acclaimed by the sailing industry and elected “boat of the year”.

14/ 1989: BENETEAU added a reference to beauty with the new large racing yacht: First 45 F 5. This is an outstanding model, co-designed by two legendary talents, Pininfarina and Bruce Farr.

15/ 1989: The FIRST CLASS FIGARO Solo was retained as the one-design for the Figaro Single-Handed Race.

16/ 1991: The First 53F5 became the RORC champion in 1991 and obtained the envied title of “CHS Yacht of the Year”, which it received again in 1993. In 1992 it was the turn of the First 45F5 to obtain this honorary title, which, for three years consecutively, was awarded to BENETEAU.

17/ 1993: Bénéteau was selected by the RORC to build the Mumm 36, Admiral's Cup one-design in 1995 and 1997.

18/ 2001: The Océanis 473 was voted boat of the year in the United States. The brand is now present in 33 countries.

19/ 2003: The First 36.7 became the IMS World Champion. That same year, the FIGARO BENETEAU 2 was retained as the one-design for the Figaro Class.

20/ 2005: The yachting market started to expand and open to new yachters. BENETEAU broadened its ranges by launching the Cyclades, yachts based on a 'holidays and freedom' concept.

21/ 2006: BENETEAU launched a new generation of Océanis co-designed by Berret Racoupeau and Nauta design, the large Italian design office. Four models from 40 to 50 foot were launched in a year!

22/ 2006-2007: BENETEAU launched a yacht whose unashamed beauty was immediately recognized by professionals: The First 50, designed by Philippe Briand, was voted boat of the year in Italy and “Best Boat” by the American Sail Magazine. This same year 2007, BENETEAU received the highly envied title of “Yard of the Year” from the European Press during the Düsseldorf boat show, rewarding BENETEAU for its creativity and its capacity to innovate, both in the design of its models and in the quality of its construction methods.

16 and sailing around the world solo.....

From her website:

Jessica's Mission

22,000 nautical miles, 7-8 months, one young woman alone, facing all that the sea and the weather can throw at her. This is the challenge that Jessica will overcome.

Why?, a whim?, perhaps an adolescent dream?…No, the same quiet determination and commitment that has seen Jessica achieve and maintain a solid academic level through distance education while building her sailing knowledge and experience will see her reach this goal. In her quest, to reach what is considered the absolute pinnacle of sailing Jessica will pit herself against mother nature and all she can deliver including the notorius Southern Ocean as well as the physical and pyschological demands of eight months alone at sea. In doing so, Jessica wants to show that even the most gentle among us can achieve great things and with determination and the support of those around us can live our dreams. Jessica hopes that her journey can inspire others to take that first step and be all they want to be.

When Australian Jesse Martin set the current record in 1999, he celebrated his 18th birthday during the journey. Jessica plans to set off shortly after her 16th birthday in 2009, returning before she turns 17, taking more than a year off Jesse’s record.

(World Speed Sailing Record Council, WSSR)

Beneteau Yacht Club

For members only... check it out by clicking the logo above....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raymarine Mobile Showroom will be in town.... at a West Marine Near You!

Fully-loaded with all of Raymarine’s award-winning technologies these boat shows-on-wheels are making stops in cities near you!

Raymarine-3 and Raymarine-4 are 32-foot-long showroom trailers equipped with a comprehensive array of Raymarine’s products.

A-Series products, C-Series and E-Series Multifunction displays, along with Raymarine’s HD digital fishfinders, radars, autopilots, wireless remote technology, and more are all available to see, touch and try.

The vehicles also feature High Definition satellite TV, an indoor helm, and are entirely self-contained with their own on board air conditioning and power supplies.

Coming to Bay Area West Marine and other independant Electronics stores from June 12- June 22. Click HERE for the schedule.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marin County Surfrider event this Friday....

I was just forwarded this invite from a friend... looks like a great event!

Hi all,

Surfrider Foundation is an awesome not for profit to support, especially if like most of you – people I know – love the ocean. I volunteer for the Marin chapter, and we have our annual summer party this Friday evening, June 5, to celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8. Flyer attached – pass this email and flyer along to anyone else you know who may enjoy this event.

It’s an informal affair, we do have a great guest speaker, Steve Hawks, who will begin his presentation about 6:30-45pm. Wipeout Bar & Grill serves the best margaritas in Marin (with the exception of a few households I am familiar with), great food and is a perfect place to bring kids. Wipeout Bar & Grill is a great supporter of Surfrider and usually donates based on the success of the evening, so come along and buy a drink or two and know you’re supporting a great cause. Locally Surfrider ensures we have clean beaches in Marin, and is involved with the Rise Against Plastics Campaign, as well as water quality and other water issues pertinent to Marin – learn more at www.surfrider.org/marin.

I’ve also been working with kids at the Neil Cummins School to build a giant plastic wave, so come check it out – could have been your kid who helped me build it!