Thursday, June 25, 2009

Australian buys small brokerage Beneteau to sail home in....

From Klaus Kutz - Passage Yachts, Alameda

I sold a 1985 Beneteau Idylle 11.5 to an Australian gentleman "Hedley Thomas" late in March, 2009. Hedley was looking for an affordable, but stoud and well maintained boat in the mid thirty foot size range, that could be sailed by him singlehanded across the Pacific home to his native Brisbane in Australia.
After scouring the local brokerage market, he decided that our 1985 37' Beneteau Idylle 11.5 offered the best his money could buy. The deal was consummated after a test sail and a thorough engine and hull survey. Hedley, then proceeded to replace the old batteries with a new upgraded battery system and a thorough upgrade of some of the wiring. Installation of a new refrigeration system, linear auto pilot, knot meter, wind point and wind speed instrumentation followed. He also thoroughly surveyed and upgraded his running and standing rigging. All of this took time and cut into his expectation to leave by the end of May. The day of his departure finally came early on June 9, 2009. Hedley received a send off in Alameda at the Encinal Yacht Club at 7:30 am Tuesday, June 9. Klaus Kutz his broker from Passage Yachts in Alameda and Klaus' wife Jennifer followed Hedley out to the Golden Gate Bridge on their boat "Pacific Flyer" and waved Hedley and his proud Mirage III fair well as he passed under the Gate at exactly 9:15 am in a light breeze, starting ebb and grey skies.
Klaus received a text message from Hedley after he had completed his first seven day's at sea, which reported slow progress because of light and contrary winds. A most recent message marked Hedley's second full week at sea with encouraging news of strong and steady winds from the right direction and the skipper reporting great progress with only 800 NM more to go to reach his interim destination of Ala Wai Harbor on Ohuau, Hawaii.
We will keep you posted about Mirage III's progress as we get reports from its intrepid skipper, Hedley Thomas.

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Axel Schultze said...

What a great story Klaus. Thanks for sharing this and by way of blogging all the best and a safe journey to Hedley.