Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alerion Express News and Spring Incentives!

Courtesy of McMichael’s Yacht Brokers, I have attached some photos of 38#15, the first and only AE38 to have teak decks. AE38#17, currently under construction has a custom all-teak interior with curved ultra suede settees and a custom off-white deck color.

Although sales have been slower than usual, happily there have been 4 new AE28’s ,an AE33 and an AE20 sold since the beginning of the year. This shows a lot confidence in the Alerion Express brand! It also proves that it isn’t all doom and gloom out there like the media wants us to believe. We appreciate all of your support of the Alerion Express Brand.

Alerion Express 28 Owner Pat Nowak was recently published in Sailing Magazine's March issue. An article entitled "The Summer of 94 Day Sails" will be sure to evoke the feelings for sailing that may have fallen into hibernation over these cold rainy months. He speaks of his love for day sailing and lures even the most obscure water sports enthusiast to consider “Alerion Sailing” over all other activities. You can find this article on the Alerion website in the "Press" section along with other recent articles. This is a great reminder article of the fun of simply just sailing! You can also checkout the latest clothing “gear” on the site, too.

Alerion is excited to announce their Spring, 2009 incentive program. We have a few production slots that we would like to fill over the next few months and hopefully the program will help you with a new Alerion purchase. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly about the boats that this applies to.

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