Thursday, March 5, 2009

What can I do with this boat I just bought??

Our local sailing magazine Latitude 38 has lots of great ideas.... here is one they are promoting:

The recent weather has many sailors dreaming of Mexico or the Caribbean. It has us dreaming about the Delta — specifically, the Delta in late June, when Latitude 38 will be leading the first-ever Delta Doo Dah, a laid back rally for anyone who's ever wanted to explore their own backyard but hasn't gotten around to it.

While most of the details are still being hammered out, we can tell you that the dates will be June 27-July 3. The official ‘start’ will be at 11 a.m. on June 27 to take advantage of the day-long flood. At some point along the way, there will be a BBQ hosted by Antioch Marina, potlucks galore, some dinghy racing, and lots of lazing about. After the final party on July 3 (location TBD), folks are free to hang out for Baron Hilton’s Fireworks Extravaganza off Mandeville Tip on the 4th, or just head home to the Bay.

If you’re thinking that the Delta’s rivers and sloughs are too narrow to accommodate very many boats, we’re way ahead of you. Not only are we limiting the number of entries this year to 30 boats, we’re also taking a decidedly loosey-goosey approach to the rally. You can hang with the main group, break off into smaller groups, or just go off by yourself to explore the labyrinthine waterways. The main goal of the Doo Dah is to get folks exploring their own backyard, whether in a group or alone.

The entry fee is just $49, and every boat entered gets an official burgee and one T-shirt (additional T-shirts are $15). Registration is first-come, first-served, so don’t waste any time — surf over to our registration page to sign up. It’s probably the only time we’ll tell you to hurry!

Entries to date (only 25 spots left!):

1. Georgia, Custom 41, Ben & Lucie Mewes, Alameda
2. Tamara, O.L. 33, Adam Correa & Kathe Hashimoto, Sausalito
3. Moo'rea, Ericson 29, Jay Hickman, San Rafael
4. Windsome Wench, Newport 30 MkII, Ruben & Robbie Gabriel, Benicia
5. Feolena, Valiant 32, Aaron Dunlap, Gig Harbor, WA

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LaDonna said...

Thanks for promoting the Doo Dah! Just so your readers are kept in the loop, we're already up to 19 entries - only 11 spots left!